Bonding Task for Application

This application requires a Cyanoacrylate Adhesive for bonding ABS and Nylon collets to Fiberglass poles. The CA Glue, Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, is used to keep the ABS and Nylon collets in place and making sure they do not move at all during painting. The extension poles are used in the paint and construction industries.

Bonding Profile

  • Substrates
    • ABS Plastic
    • Nylon Collets
    • Fiberglass Poles
  • Cyberbond Adhesive of Choice is Apollo H4
  • The Apollo H4 is perfect for bonding the nylon and ABS collets to the Fiberglass poles. At 100cps it covers the fiberglass pole as it presses into the nylon and ABS collet.
  • Adhesive Requirements
    • Must work as an Nylon Adhesive, ABS, Fiberglass
    • Cyanoacrylate Adhesive must withstand up to 45 pounds of pull strength and withstand pushing, pulling, and falls in the field.
    • Must create a fast cure to keep production flowing smoothly.

Fiberglass Adhesive Case Study | CA Glue | Cyberbond L.L.C.

  • This is a sample of bonding Nylon and ABS collets to a fluted and non-fluted fiberglass pole.
  • The yellow pole is the non-fluted fiberglass pole bonding to a ABS collet.
  • The gray pole is a fluted fiberglass pole bonding to a nylon collet.
  • The customer uses four automated lines for bonding the collets to the poles. Four drops of Apollo H4 is applied to the fluted and non-fluted fiberglass poles and spins into the collets.
  • They also have a secondary operation that floor operators apply the H4 and manually push the collets onto the fiberglass poles.

Adhesive for Fiberglass

  • The Apollo H4 is a great product for bonding the ABS and Nylon collets to the Fiberglass poles. The fiberglass adhesive gives excellent strength and produces great resistance in the field and withstands elements of weather very well.

  • The customer tested the Apollo H4 for extensively before they approved the product. It has to be tested under extreme weather conditions and withstand their shipping requirements.

Customer Testing Requirements

  • Had to hold up against all weather related events
  • The customer applies several weights, up to 45 pounds, and tries to pull the collet away from the poles.  They do this while performing a drop test with the weights attached to the pole.
  • The collet cannot pull away from the fiberglass pole at any weight under 45 pounds.  If the collet does pull away the adhesive, it will not be approved.
  • The customer does a pull test with every shipment they receive from us at this time.
Additional Information
  • Apollo 2240, 2075, 2008, 2028, and the H4 were tested.  They approved the H4 because the viscosity worked well for wicking into the collets and gave them the strength to pass their tests.