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LED UV Curing Lamp

Cyberbond’s LINOP U 400 is a state-of-the-art, microprocessor-controlled, LED-powered device for curing UV adhesives, designed to offer users of UV-curable adhesives significant cost savings resulting from greatly increased bulb life. The system also offers a fully ergonomic user experience, as well as vastly enhanced flexibility over existing UV-curing systems.

The Linop U 400 produces its illumination with LED bulbs that last ten times longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs currently in the market.  Additionally, the advanced LED design allows unprecedented flexibility in bulb placement, and provides a cool cure so the lamp may be moved as close to the substrate as possible.   A single Linop U 400 may be paired with up to 12 LED lamps, making it the most expandable UV-curing device on the market.

The Linop U 400’s electronic display panel allows for easy viewing and operation as a table-top unit.  The Linop U 400 is also fully PLC-compatible, making it easy to integrate with a fully automated production line. Cyberbond invites users of UV-curable adhesives to experience the next generation in curing technology with the Linop U 400.