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Industry Applications

Cyberbond is the international industrial adhesives manufacturer relied on by industries all over the world to meet their important needs for high-quality adhesives. For production needs both big and small, Cyberbond has the service and products you can entrust your business with. Unlimited in scope, our adhesive solutions cover a wide spectrum of marketplaces across the world. As a recognized leader of adhesive solutions, we are always anticipating and forecasting the next steps of compliance, advancements and manufacturing standards in the sectors we serve.

3-D Printing: Cyberbond's Apollo 5005 Cyanoacrylate is used as an infiltrant in granular 3-D printing applications.

Automotive: The ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification demonstrates how our quality system has been evaluated for the design and manufacture of state of the art adhesives.

Electronics: Our signature products are used in various facets of the electronic production and the component manufacturing process.

General Purpose: Whatever your industry may be, the general purpose glue from Cyberbond simply cannot be beat.

Loudspeaker: Loudspeaker glue needs to be able to withstand vibration, which is why customers needing cyanoacrylates often chosen with our Xtra-flex line of rubber-toughened cyanoacrylates.

Medical Adhesive: Our medical adhesives are of the highest quality for the medical and healthcare industry.

Medical Devices: Cyberbond's uv-curable acrylates and cyanoacrylates are used for many medical device applications, including tube/hub bonding, balloon catheters, biopsy and infusion needles.

Structural: Structural glues are typically epoxies or acrylics and are use to form permanent bonds in static applications.

Thread Locking: Thread locking adhesives come in a variety of different formulas which are tailored to different sizes of threads and customer requirements for temporary or permanent bonds.

Wicking: Wicking-grade adhesives are specially designed with low viscosities that allow them to penetrate cracks before curing.

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