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Cyberlite U306
nqa ISO 9001 Registered

Cyberlite U306

Cyberlite U306 is a thixotropic, medical-grade, UVcurable adhesive that shows excellent bonding on glass, metal, and a variety of plastics. It combines high viscosity and hardness to make it an ideal potting compound, and bonds well on both similar and dissimilar substrates. Cyberlite U306 is certified to the ISO standard 10993—Part 5 for Cytotoxicity.

  • UV-Curable Acrylate
  • Viscosity: 20000 +/- 5000
  • Color: Clear
  • Set Time* < 4 seconds
  • Strength PSI (Polycarbonate): 500 - 700 psi
  • Temperature Range: -55°C to 120°C
  • USP Class IV / ISO 10993-5 Certified
  • * Approximate set time @ 50mW/cm2. Results will vary.


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